Hi my name is Chris and I’m a geek.

For many years, decades really, I’ve looked to the Internet for information and inspiration with regard to all the crazy ideas that pop into my head. I’ve greatly enjoyed and benefited from the efforts of those people who choose to share their projects and experiments online. For sometime I’ve felt that my own tinkering’s may be able to provide some enjoyment for others and now I’ve “gotten around to it”. I’m attempting to, in my own humble way, give something back to the geek community and perhaps a bit of modest self-aggrandizement.(are you really a geek if you don’t have a website?)

The name. Brock is my middle name, I despised it as a child but over the years it grew on me. Paired with technology I think it sounds like a cool multinational aerospace company, kinda like these plural guys whom amusingly, I only discovered after I registered the name.

So I’m hoping this site as it evolves will become documentation  of my interesting projects and by extension an exploration of technology from my own perspective. I should add I’m using a fairly broad and un-stereotyped definition of the word technology you may in future see anything from flint napping to satellites on this site but you’re unlikely to see a review of the latest smart phone. (I tend to shun anything that requires a monthly subscription.)

I hope in future to fill this site with descriptions of my well thought out, highly polished, custom-designed, electronics projects but creating such things is a journey I’m only just beginning and I expect  I’ll be discussing a good many “hillbilly solutions” as well.


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