here’s a quick project I worked up yesterday, no I didn’t build the power inverter, just the bracket. Disappointing I know. I’m whipping up a few appointments for my buddies new boat so that it will be ready for the upcoming dive season. This power inverter is to be the power supply for the navigation system monitor and it came fully equipped with no mounting facility whatsoever. I’ve rectifyed the oversight with a little bit of plywood and a little bit of aluminum. The plywood is sealed on the edges with epoxy, possibly that will keep it from delaminating in the humidity but if not it gives it a decorative gloss. The washers on the mounting holes are also epoxied in place for easy installation. In addition to the obvious aluminum strap the inverter is also mounted to the plywood with double sided foam tape. The tape provides a mounting which is impervious to slippage and the aluminum strap renders it equally impervious to cumulative failure of the adhesive. The aluminum strap is also lined with the fuzzy side of adhesive mount Velcro to protect the inverter from abrasion and all hardware is of course stainless steel. This is hardly a high-tech project but I think it came out kind of pretty!