This is an other little project related to my buddy Eric’s new boat. The boat is equipped with PC-based chart plotter as was its predecessor. In this iteration were using a 19 inch monitor mounted on the dash and connected to a Panasonic toughbook cf27 stowed securely in the cudd. The securely part is where this device comes in.

I’m not absolutely sure that this particular picture is worth a full thousand words. I’m afraid that those who have not seen it in person may only see plywood and screws and not work out quite what is. However it definitely is secure stowage for a Panasonic toughbook cf27. The concept is based on a 1970s style wall mount magazine rack. The pocket is interference fit for the laptop and lined with polyester felt, the felt is in turn glued down with silicone caulking. The front and rear panels feature a cutaway which allow a person to get a good grip on the laptop with one hand and pull it out. The whole pocket tips outward at the top by an inch and a half and is a further uniform inch from the bulkhead to allow for one-inch poplar mounting rails on the inside as well as a space so that cables can pass fully behind. The laptop drops in handle down screen side out, this leaves the rear panel connectors facing upward for easy access and the power switch exposed in the cutout on the right side which is consequently easily reachable through the cudd door.

The cf27 is at this point more little bit dated and can only handle Windows 98. It’s not going to make it through another technology revision but on this occasion the lateness of the season when the boat came together necessitated a quick and dirty approach which minimized reinvention. The machine happily run seaclear which is all that’s really required of it.